Updates to the site

I've added a couple of new pages:
- About, which gives a brief history about Dobbs
- Support, which provides users with information on where to get help (I know it is confusing at first but I promise you will get used to it)

As mentioned in the Announcements, the Welcome and Rules pages have been updated with a Usage and Privacy policy statement.

Lastly, I have added the Cubepoints plugin - in your Profile (click on your Image/Avatar) you'll see on the right hand side a little box telling you how many points you have accumulated. You get points simply by logging in each day, posting, commenting, uploading avatars and other forum activities. No we're not converting points to cash at the moment :P but it should provide users with some incentive. Something equivalent to the posting ranks we had in the last forum.
I have set the following Ranks:
0 - Newbie
50 -??
100 - ??
1000 - ??
> 1000 ???
Update: I won't spoil the surprises when you get promoted ;)

You can see Sitewide points from the Dashboard (at the top under "My Account") and that's the Leaderboard or from the Points tab in your Profile