Dobbs update for April 2014

Greetings Dobbers! I hope you are having a great weekend! It’s been a while since our last update and there have been quite a few new things to tell you about what’s happening in Dobbs. Attachments First of all I’ve added Attachment capability to Private Messaging and also… finally… to the Forums. You can attach [...]

How to upload or share images in Dobbs

This seems to be a frequent question and this blog post will hopefully provide you with a solution which suits your needs. There are actually quite a number of ways to upload and share images in Dobbs 1. Upload the images to free hosting sites like Imgur, Flickr or Photobucket. Then all you have to [...]

How to change your email address

Many of you would use different email addresses from time to time. Your email address is used to receive notifications from Dobbs so it is important that you keep it up to date. If you would like to change the email address you use in Dobbs, you can follow these simple steps: Assuming you are [...]

Important Dobbs Site Changes

Dear Dobbers, This is to summarise what has been happening the last 1-2 weeks as we have changed some of the site access policies. Firstly the main Forums, Activity and Member streams are public. The reason for doing so are two fold. Firstly, we’ve realised that Dobbs is too much of a wall garden for [...]

Dobbs Activity Feed Redux II

This is a follow-up post to The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux where we show you how to share links. In this post, I’d like to show you how you can share images in the Activity Feed without having to upload images directly, but instead embedding by linking the image URL. First, right click on an [...]

The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux

Tired of inane Facebook status updates (like pictures of what your friends are eating or griping about)? Want one dedicated for doctors? The trouble with Facebook is that sometimes people get careless and may post things on their timeline which may not be appropriate for public eyes. I am concerned one day a Malaysian doctor [...]