Searching the Forums

Dobbs forum is a treasure trove of discussions over the years. You can see real time forum statistics in the widget at the bottom right of the main forum listing: The great thing about our forums is that the topics and replies are searchable. The search widget is located at the right of the main [...]

Using shortcodes in your forum postings

Aside from embedding media like pictures and videos into your forum postings, you have the ability to embed PDFs, Polls and Hidden Answers (Spoilers). To do so, we use the powerful Shortcode feature. Shortcodes are codes using square brackets [] Here are the steps which illustrate how to use these shortcodes: 1) Embed PDFs The [...]

Important support updates

We have changed the default site login to deter brute force attackers who are trying to hack Dobbs. As a result, we have changed the reset password link. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by entering your username or email address in the new reset password link which is also published [...]

Dobbs CME Quiz # 3 – and the winner is… (II)

continued from Part I The winner of the CME Quiz #3 received her iPad Mini (Retina Display) today. Once again, congratulations Dr. Wan Khairina and well done! For the rest of you Dobbers, not to worry. There will always be future CME Quizzes with prizes. In the meantime, don’t forget a free portable Pulse Oxymeter [...]

Dobbs CME Quiz # 3 – and the winner is …..

Dobbs CME Quiz Contest 3 ended on 10th July 2014 (though you can still take the quiz if you haven’t in order to score CME points) So who is the winner of this gorgeous iPad Mini Retina Display? There were actually 2 entrants who tied, scoring the highest possible scores i.e. 20/20 correct questions: Dr. [...]

Forum post ratings are back!

Miss the ability to rate a forum post? It’s more than a Facebook “Like” – our Forum post ratings system allows you to rate up or down any post (other than your own). You accumulate post rating points as displayed under your Avatar: The ratings plugin had to be disabled due to a bug but [...]