– our new landing page

Dear Dobbers We have designed a lightweight (quick to load even on mobiles) and easy to remember landing page. To visit Dobbs, all you have to do is to go to: Please share this link with your colleagues and encourage them to join.

Camera uploads are back!

For sometime we had to disable camera uploads from your smartphone due to an issue with our Activity Wall plugin but it’s now working again You can snap pictures with your smartphone and upload them using the upper camera button as illustrated in the image below. The other 4 media buttons at the bottom of […]

Problems with 500 – Malformed header

We notice on occasion, you might encounter the above error message when you access Dobbs. If after waiting about 5 minutes and the error still appears, please clear your browser cache and it should work again. How to clear your browser cache (Desktop/Laptop) In most computer-based web browsers, to open menus used to clear your […]

How to reset your password for Dobbs

Very often you might have forgotten your password and can’t login to Dobbs. Resetting your password is very easy 1) Visit the Reset/Forgot password link (it’s always located near the Login section of Dobbs) 2) Enter your email in the field provided then click on the Get New Password after you do so, the page […]

Quick links to DOBBS

Getting to Dobbs just got faster as we now have a short URL (link) for you. To go to Dobbs in your browser, just type (with our without the www is OK) Getting to the various sections in Dobbs using the new short URL is also easy, e.g.: (or will take you […]