MELBOURNE, May 22 (Bernama) — What began as a modest investment in a community health idea for Malaysian-born entrepreneur Maha Sinnathamby has now ballooned into a multi-billion dollar revolution in the way medical and health services are provided. The founder behind Australia’s biggest and fastest emerging new city of Greater Springfield located west of Brisbane […]


KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 (Bernama) — Malaysia will have a 1:400 doctor to population ratio by the year 2020 with the healthcare system improved through various strategies under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11th MP). The upcoming five years will also see the ratio of hospital beds to the population being reduced to 2.3 beds per […]

Dobbs Forum Simplified

Dobbs community for Doctors is built around two engines – Buddypress which gives us the Facebook-like Networking features and update walls (your own as well as multiple groups), and bbPress which is our forum engine. Simply put, Dobbs has 2 main features, Discussion Forums and Updates We have trimmed the Forums and merged all the […]

Automatic email glitch

Dear users, We recently had an issue whereby activation email and password retrieval email was not sent. The issue has been fixed now. We manually activated new Dobbs registrants but in case you tried but did not receive the activation email, please re-register. Do note that occasionally the email may land in your spam or […] – our new landing page

Dear Dobbers We have designed a lightweight (quick to load even on mobiles) and easy to remember landing page. To visit Dobbs, all you have to do is to go to: Please share this link with your colleagues and encourage them to join.

Camera uploads are back!

For sometime we had to disable camera uploads from your smartphone due to an issue with our Activity Wall plugin but it’s now working again You can snap pictures with your smartphone and upload them using the upper camera button as illustrated in the image below. The other 4 media buttons at the bottom of […]